Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Psychic Vampirism a religion?

No, psychic vampirism is defined by the need for vital energy/Prana / Chi .. Many psychic vampires have many different religions and different beliefs, even different beliefs on origins.

Energy Stealing?

Question: ) My friend is stealing my energy, I need help what should I do? Question:) What do I do to defend myself from a psivampire/energy worker/entity that attacks me astrally or energetically?

Answer for both questions: ) Shielding , Shielding, Shielding.. About Eight out of 10 times everyone will tell you this very answer. The nineth will tell you to confront the person and tell them to stop, and the tenth will tell you to stop hanging around that person.

Is there a vampire language?

Answer: ) If you ask this: first, nearly everyone WILL tell you've been watching way to much "Blade"...No, We don't have our own language.. We DO have our own lingo...It's located in the Terminology section.

How can I tell if I am a Psychic Vampire?

Answer:) Some of the signs you might be a psychic vampire are: Weakness, drained feeling, or burn easily in the sunlight, others may include. -Habitual desire or "need" to be around lots of people(such as lots of partying, clubbing etc.) -When isolated for an extended period of time you tend to sleep alot or constantly feel tired. -When around others you may act hyper, playful, feel full of energy, or "feel" the emotions of others around you. -When around people too much you may feel a sense of "energy overload" in which you easily "hit the wall" in social situations and need to withdraw and be alone -People who are around you may expirence depression, fatigue, or loss of energy. Which may also manifest as people avoiding for subconscious reasons.
--It is important to Note that no one can tell you what you are online for certain, and beware of people and websites that do. --

I'm a non-vampire, can I be turned?

Answer:) The simple answer is No.... Psychic vampires are born...Some are awakened at birth, some are latent, some never awaken during their lifetime. (actually this is a half truth, if you punch enough holes into anothers subtle body, they are bound to become leaky, and hense a sympathetic vampire.)
Question:) Why am I a Psychic Vampire?

Answer :)The longer answer is that you have an essentially unbalanced equation in your body. You do not naturally produce or retain sufficient energy of the proper type needed to fuel your basic functions. In some cases it is due to auric or subtle body damage (i.e. a malfunctioning or missing chakra). If the damage is deep enough, it can last for multiple incarnations. If not too deep, sometimes damage can be healed through time or conscious effort. Some members of the community chose to conduct a specific alteration on their subtle bodies for different end-results, and ended up with a vampiric condition, again sometimes spanning multiple lifetimes. Other vampires identify as Otherkin, meaning they feel that on some level they are not-quite-human. If you follow the soul or reincarnation theory of Otherkin, a non-human soul is literally put into a human body. Trying to fit a round peg into a square hole can result in some...interesting side effects, vampirism being one of them. If your original form tended more towards the spiritual or energetic side (as in the case of fey or celestials), and the human body tends more towards the physical side, even if the human body works at optimal energy conversion, it might not be enough. Or, if you were once a being of a very specific energy type that is not complementary to humans, you may need something specific that the human body is not able to provide. You may also be a vampire because you have a temporary condition that is overly straining your system. You may have something else draining your own energy (such as another vampire or a parasite). You could also be suffering from a serious health condition that taxes your physical resources so your body begins to vampirize those around you in order to survive. Or you might just generally not be taking care of yourself because of negligence or just an insanely busy and demanding schedule. If you don't have a good diet, get enough sleep, exercise, regulate stress, your system can rewire itself in interesting ways. In all of these temporary cases, if the initial condition is resolved, the vampirism will disappear, which is why these folks are referred to as temporary or sympathetic vampires. (re-rewrite written By Nytemuse)
Question: ) I'm a psychic vampire and, I'm a Christian ..Is that a paradox ? Do I have to convert to something else?
Answer: ) Certainly not, there are many psychic Vampires that are Christian. A lot of Psychic Vampires do however, choose to follow the religious path they kept in previous lifetimes.
Question: ) Are Psychic Vampires all Goth?
Answer :) No, While some choose to live in the goth culture, Many are not, we come from all walks of life.: Clerk, customer service, technical support, Banker, lawyer, producer ,Agent (well no stretch of the imagination there) . Though some have obviously chosen a Gothic lifestyle...Many, like myself have jobs that require us to blend in.
Question:) What happens when i can't Feed?
Answer:)The most common anser that I and the community ussually reply with is that there are a few things that ussually happen when you can't feed..

1) you ween yourself off of pranic energy and discover you arent a psivamp..
2)you are/were a magus psivamp...or astral vamp and lose control of the host you possess..or the merger isnt complete...ect...and you...who is you drift off into the Aether...

3)you become weak, depressed..and not in good health..causing the fourth step.
4)you definately need the energy and go unintentional.

Question:) Do I have to feed on only one type of energy?
Answer:) No, many psivamps prefer to feed, or develop a taste for certain energies, wether its a certain "flavor" or emotional energy, or sexual energy, environmental, or just prana in general. Some however only prefer or only can feed on a certain type of energy to keep them healthy. for Instance there are a few psivamps out there that actually prefer to feed on negative energies in order to keep them healthy. For a list of energy sources "Click Here" .
Question:) I feel lost, what can I do to feel grounded and in control again in this time of change?

Answer:) Get connected with the community, hop on the forum and ask some questions.. Most of us have gone through the same or something similar...If you wish to feel grounded I have included a lesson on this site to help with that located "here" .
Question:)Is there any hard scientific evidence to help me understand what I am?

Answer:) No, Since science itself hasnt proven the existance of psychic phenomenon there is no hard scientific evidence. However it is a psychological term for an emotionally needy person...which only perhaps defines a small portion of us..and really isnt a correct term for our state of being.
Question:) What's the difference between a psyvamp, and a Psivamp?

Answer:) Semantics, a lot of the members of the vampire community prefer to use the term Psivamp, in terms of how they feed.. Psyvamp is generally associated with a psychic vampire that has "psy"chic abilities...but really, you need psychic abilities to feed in the first place...So I personally think the communities gone a bit funny in the head... More