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This site is dedicated to the mysteries and Education of Psychic Vampirism. The Vampire Community is a diverse lot, with many different beliefs and belief systems. While this Site does not promote any one doctrine, the best efforts are made and maintained in order to represent them all equally. This site, written by Psychic Vampires; is dedicated to all other real Psychic Vampires from the newly awakened, to the seasoned Elders of the Vampire Community. This site is also meant to inform the public, and to dispell certain myths about Vampires.

A Psychic Vampire is a person, Who by reason of a condition of their spirit, needs to obtain vital energy from outside sources. They are unable to generate their own energy, and often times don't have the best capacity to store the energy they do have or absorb.

They come from all walks of life, every religion, and political view. This site encourages you to seek out all the points of view of psychic vampirism. You must decide what is right for YOU.

Psivamp.org is an Independant Organization, as such we do not endorse any one doctrine or belief system. All houses, groups, and affiliations are welcome to participate as long as conversation is civil. Flame wars will not be tolerated on this site.



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No one can tell you, what you are over the net for certain. Beware of people that do. Also please get your self checked out medically by a Professional to make sure you don't have any real diseases, such as poryphyria, lupus or XP, Bipolar disorder...ect.

This site is not intended to promote any one belief system and or ideology within the Vampire Community specific to any one house, order, or Coven.



This site deals with Psychic Vampires, This site does not contain Pornography or any descriptive information on bloodletting. The Content of this site is recommended for a mature audience, as it deals with the occult and vampirism.

You the viewer/reader agree not to copy/Borrow/repost any files on this site without expressed consent. Doing so could possibly result in legal action on behalf of Psychic Vampire.org. Certain arrangements can be made given proper notification…In Short, PLEASE ASK FIRST. (Though please feel free to link to me or link to a specific article on the site; unless otherwise copyrighted by another author).

By using this site, you acknowledge that you are of mature mind, and Psychic Vampire.org is not responsible for your actions, should you use this content in a malicious manner.


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